Social Studies

In  social studies, we are learning about democracy, and in class we split the class in half and made two teams. The first team were the people who wanted to build the extension  on the Chateau Laurier, and the other team were the people who didn’t  want the extension to be built. So our teacher gave each team ten minutes to say and come up with a reason why or why not they wanted the Chatea Laurier to be kept the same or be renovated. So the teams came up with three reasons here are some examples of what the team that wanted the Chateau Laurier to be renovated are:

-We want it to have more rooms in it because people from all over the world come to stay in it.

-We want it to look old and new not just old.

-Also it is our property so we can do what we want with it.

-It is also cheaper.

And here are some of the reasons the people who didn’t want the Chateau Laurier to be renovated are:

-We don’t want you to build the extension because if you look over from Quebec you will see the extension and it looks bad.

-Also you will take up more of the trees space to grow and then will have to cut them down and if you run into and bird or  squirrel nest it is illegal also the fine is 5,750.

-Also it looks bad.

Student Vote

Two weeks ago me and my class did student  vote, which is basically where kids who are not old enough to vote in the real election, and are still in school get to vote for who they think they would want to have office. Though the student vote does not count  in the real election, a lot of the schools in Canada do the student vote, and we see who had the most votes  and then that party won the student vote. On the day of student vote I was a poll clerk and was making sure they put their vote in the right box and had only one vote. In addition , I liked it because I could tell people where to put their ballot. I also researched about the N.D.P. because it was the  first time I had ever heard about the N.D.P. The most interesting thing I learned about the N.D.P. was that they would try to make any school over high school free. Another, the most interesting thing I learned about counting ballots is that it is easier to count them by your self. I was also not surprised when  the liberals won, because a lot of people voted for them.