Be The Quote

One of our quotes in class was “Don’t let your ice cream melt while your counting other peoples sprinkles”.

I think this quote means don’t be greedy, appreciate what you have, and only look at other peoples food to see if they have enough.

I think this quote could be useful at an ice cream shop were if your friend got more sprinkles then you, don’t count to see if they have more sprinkles then you because your ice cream would  melt and that would suck.

Also if your friend has more sprinkles than you you should just be happy for them and not jealous.



Enjoy your ice cream.

The Pirate, The princess and Me The Rat.

I think that the story The Pirate,The Princess and Me The Rat by Linda Bailey is fiction because on the first page there is a picture of the Rat with axsories. The Rat also says on page 1 “ I’m doing my happy dance happy happy” and Rats can’t dance,then, on page 5, it says the Rat and the Princess became friends and that is very unlikely.


That is why I think this story is fiction.