Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin did not invent anything though he discovered a lot as a scientist and naturalist, and as an author he impacted science and the way we think about our world. He also developed and proposed a theory about evolution. His theory has had far reaching effects on science and the way we understand life. Darwin’s most important observation on the H.M.S. Beagle was the amount of difference that existed within animal species living on the Galapagos islands.

The alien

There once was a brave boy who climbed a ladder to an alien world. He brought an alien from outer space down to school. He put it in the bottom of a container. Within twenty seconds it was at the top of the container. But the container was 12 feet high!

“WOW!!! It’s a super alien!!!” said max. “Wow!!! Did you see that?! It flew up to space and landed on                              Neptune and then jumped back down to Earth!” “Where did he go?” asked Lawson. “He is in my hand” said Nick. “I found him! Phew!” “We are so lucky, thanks Nick.” “No problem guys”  Nick said.


The Book

Once upon a time there was a long lost book and that particular book was the last of its kind and was worth millions. One day an emperor heard about this book and told all his royal guards to go out and find the book and bring it back at all costs. So the royal guards went out to find the book. So they kept looking until they found a boy named Sunny  who was digging a big whole in the ground. So  they asked him what he was digging for and the boy said “i’m looking for the book that everyone  has been talking about” and the royal guards said well if you find it tell us and we will pay you ten  thousand dollars in cash. So  the boy said fine and  the guards went on there way  and the boy started digging and the boy hit the book but only took it out when he thought the guards were gone,  but really the guards were  behind the rock just a few feet away  so they came out and snatched the book from the boys hands ad took him hostage. But on the way they encountered the other emperors armies and a boy named Izaya  and there was a great battle (which I will not get into the blood details) and the armies that ambushed the guards took the book and gave it to there emperor who killed them all. And Sunny and Izaya lived happy ever after.


The End


The End

How to eat an Oreo

How you eat an Oreo cookie


To eat an Oreo cookie, first, you twist off the top.

(Make sure it does not break!) Then, lick off the icing (just to test that it hasn’t gone bad). Finally, put it back together and take a bite. (Make sure it does not explode!)


Once upon a time, there was a little frog in a very large pond named Edgar. All the other frogs always laughed at Edgar, for he really was small. Even his croak was just a tiny little squeak. Edgar always wished to be big and strong so he wouldn’t be laughed at anymore. One day a passing fairy decided to grant his wish. Unfortunately for Edgar, instead of turning him into a big and strong frog, she turned him into a human.  Then Edgar as a human, went to a castle. After that, Edgar went back to the pond and captured the frogs that laughed at him. He said “how do you like this?” The other frogs said “sorry sorry” but he did not forgive them. The other frogs begged and begged but he still did not forgive them. He took them back to the castle and put them in a cage.  A royal guard got a knife, scraped off the frogs poisonous slime, and put it in the kings’ drink. The royal guard said to a servant “take this to the king, and don’t spill a drop!” The servant agreed to do it. The servant brought the drink to the king, he was about to drink it when the other  frog, broke through the basket, jumped at the cup and spilled the drink all over the floor. The king  saw the green poison! he arrested the guard and he was kicked out of the castle.


My Avatar

My name is Yossi and my avatar is wearing a suit because I think I look good in a suit. Also my avatar has brown hair and brown eyes just like me. My avatar has spikey hair because I think I look good with my hair up.