Art Class

In art class we are drawing and water coloring cyclopes. First we got a piece of paper and folded it it into four columns going down,then on the top column we drew a big circle as the cyclops’s head. Then we drew his arms coming out just below the bottom half of the circle going threw the second column and just barely in to the third column. After that  you draw his chest and stomach starting at the top of his arm on both sides and stop at the third column. Then you must draw his belt on  the bottom half of his stomach, and draw a wavy line from his belt to the top of the fourth column on both sides, and then a wavy line connection the first two wavy lines.That acts as the skirt and two legs with toes coming out of the skirt to the bottom of the page. Finally add nails to his fingers and toes then hair to his head as a beard and hair and finally give him an eye some teeth and a mouth. Now if you want to get fancy draw tiny sheep on the ground and a cave behind him. Go over it with sharpie and add your water color then let it dry for a day and add another layer of paint (use the same color)  let it dry again and your done.