Be The Quote

One of our quotes in class was “Don’t let your ice cream melt while your counting other peoples sprinkles”.

I think this quote means don’t be greedy, appreciate what you have, and only look at other peoples food to see if they have enough.

I think this quote could be useful at an ice cream shop were if your friend got more sprinkles then you, don’t count to see if they have more sprinkles then you because your ice cream would  melt and that would suck.

Also if your friend has more sprinkles than you you should just be happy for them and not jealous.



Enjoy your ice cream.


In music class we are doing projects on songs and on singers.  Sasha and me did a project together on Shawn Mendes , we talked about how old he is, it turns out he is 21 and his birthday  is August 8 1998, he started singing in 2013 after posting his first cover video to vine. It was very interesting to hear other peoples projects. we also got to try Mr.G instruments like the piano, guitar, electric guitar and banjo. next week we are learning how to play  the recorder. I hope it will be fun.


La capitale du Tchad est N’djamena.

Certains aliments populaires dans le chad sont la sauce aux arachides, le karkanji, le daraba et le tilapia. Savies-vous qu’il existe plus de 120 languages parlees dans le tchad et que ce  dernier est la 21 plus grande nation du monde.

Il y a 14.9 millions de personnes dans le chad.

Certaines personnes dans le chad sont Youssef Saleh Abbas ancien premier ministre, Mohammed Nour Abdelkerim chef rebelle sont Mohamed Baghlani chef de l’armee valcon.


In gym  we are learning how to shoot a basket ball. Mr. Ray our gym teacher taught us that we have to keep our elbows in when we shoot. He also told us to think of B.E.E.F, the B stands for balance, which means  we have to keep our feet shoulder width apart, and if you are right handed you should  have your right foot a tiny bit forward. If you are left handed  you should have your left foot a little bit forward. The E stands for elbow in when you shoot. The other E stands for eyes witch means to always look where you want the ball to land before you shoot.Finally the F stands for follow through which means finish the stance and shoot.