Student Vote

Two weeks ago me and my class did student  vote, which is basically where kids who are not old enough to vote in the real election, and are still in school get to vote for who they think they would want to have office. Though the student vote does not count  in the real election, a lot of the schools in Canada do the student vote, and we see who had the most votes  and then that party won the student vote. On the day of student vote I was a poll clerk and was making sure they put their vote in the right box and had only one vote. In addition , I liked it because I could tell people where to put their ballot. I also researched about the N.D.P. because it was the  first time I had ever heard about the N.D.P. The most interesting thing I learned about the N.D.P. was that they would try to make any school over high school free. Another, the most interesting thing I learned about counting ballots is that it is easier to count them by your self. I was also not surprised when  the liberals won, because a lot of people voted for them.


4 thoughts on “Student Vote

  1. Yossi,
    What a great opportunity this was! I wonder who won the election in your school?
    Do you think you might like to be a real poll clerk when you’re older?

  2. Hi Kass in our school the Conservatives one and i don’t think i will be a poll clerk when i’m older

    By aunt Kass i love you Yossi

  3. Yossi! Our school did this as well. They set up a polling station right in the middle of the school hallway. Only the grade 4 students get to vote though.
    I agree – counting by yourself is far easier a task than collaborative counting! I’m not sure which party won the vote at our school, but your post made me wonder – an excellent author can make people wonder. Love reading about your life at school!

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