Once upon a time, there was a little frog in a very large pond named Edgar. All the other frogs always laughed at Edgar, for he really was small. Even his croak was just a tiny little squeak. Edgar always wished to be big and strong so he wouldn’t be laughed at anymore. One day a passing fairy decided to grant his wish. Unfortunately for Edgar, instead of turning him into a big and strong frog, she turned him into a human.  Then Edgar as a human, went to a castle. After that, Edgar went back to the pond and captured the frogs that laughed at him. He said “how do you like this?” The other frogs said “sorry sorry” but he did not forgive them. The other frogs begged and begged but he still did not forgive them. He took them back to the castle and put them in a cage.  A royal guard got a knife, scraped off the frogs poisonous slime, and put it in the kings’ drink. The royal guard said to a servant “take this to the king, and don’t spill a drop!” The servant agreed to do it. The servant brought the drink to the king, he was about to drink it when the other  frog, broke through the basket, jumped at the cup and spilled the drink all over the floor. The king  saw the green poison! he arrested the guard and he was kicked out of the castle.


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