The Tiger

There once was a tiger who was wild and free. One day he was so happy and excited that he  didn’t see the hunters who were a bit off. But the hunters saw him and…

shot him  in the leg with a tranquilizer dart. The tiger immediately felt a searing pain in his left leg, which began to swell and then he collapsed. When the hunters saw him they ran out from behind  the bush and tied him tight in a bag. When he woke up he was in a strange steel cage with other tigers and was immediately alert of danger because of the three men walking toward him. He backed up and watched their every move very closely, but all they did was put a strange looking plate in front of him. Then they left. The plate contained a weird meat that he ate and he became friends with the other tigers.



6 thoughts on “The Tiger

  1. Yossi,
    Izaya, Sunny and I were left so curious about what happened to the tiger? What a riveting story! Will you continue it? We want to know what happens and what that mysterious meat was.
    Great blog, buddy! You’re an excellent writer!!

  2. Hi Kass I don’t know the weird meat was you will have to decide what it is.

    Love you say hi to Sunny and Izaya for me by Yossi

  3. Great story Yossi! I am excited to see your blog grow!

    What was the prompt for this story? Were you given a topic by Mrs. Thompson or was this just a creative writing assignment?

    Do you enjoy writing? Because if you do, having a blog is going to great for you! And if you don’t…well, you can use your blogfolio to show pictures and videos or whatever else you can dream up.

    Keep up the great work!


    1. Hi no miss Thompson did not tell me to do this story I did it because I wanted it to right a story because i like writing story’s thank you for commenting.


  4. Yossi! You used such dramatic language. I loved all of your adjectives – making the story come alive for your reader. Excellent writing skills. I will say – I am most impressed at your correct use of the word “their” and your use of an ellipsis (…). Well done sir!

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